“They say that once you are contented with what you are, you will have no growth, no progress. This is I think a superficial understanding. Real growth, true progress, begins when you get at the truth of what you are; when you can say “it is absolutely alright”, even though it may be very poor and miserable. So please observe your unsatisfactory situation more and more, and take better care of it as it is. Then you may see the door open to the next world. ”

Hogen-San, The Other Shore

Dancing dispute is strictly courtroom

By Ruth Gledhill
The Times

THE rivalries of Strictly Come Dancing look like a sedate waltz at a pensioners’ tea dance when set alongside a battle that is being played out around the ballrooms of Hong Kong.

There, a British champion and her partner are being sued for millions of pounds after he called one of their pupils a “lazy cow”.

The pupil is Mimi Monica Wong, a high-flying banker for HSBC Holdings Plc and a widow who looks a decade or more younger than her 61 years. The teachers are Gaynor Fairweather and her husband, Mirko Saccani, from Italy.

The saga in the Hong Kong High Court has lifted the lid on what goes on behind the glitter and glamour of one of the territory’s most popular pastimes. Continue reading Dancing dispute is strictly courtroom