Sri Sathya Sai Baba

“As I ate my hot fudge sundae at the famous Hard Rock Cafe in London I noticed that amongst the rock memorabilia of the Beatles, Hendrix and Rolling Stones stood a life size photograph of a rather odd looking figure. But this fuzzy headed character dressed in bright orange/red is no rock star. He is Sri Sathya Sai Baba the guru of the blue chip multinational restaurant group and responsible for their corporate slogan ‘Love All. Serve All.’ Isaac Tigrett, the restaurant chain’s founder, believes that Sai Baba saved his life when his Porsche careered at 90 mph over a 300 ft drop. “Sai Baba appeared beside me in the car and put his arm around me. The car was totally destroyed but I got out without a bruise.” When Tigrett sold his share of the company for £16 million he gave all his money to Sai Baba’s cause.” –

“Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city.”

Jesus in Matthew 23:34


“They say that once you are contented with what you are, you will have no growth, no progress. This is I think a superficial understanding. Real growth, true progress, begins when you get at the truth of what you are; when you can say “it is absolutely alright”, even though it may be very poor and miserable. So please observe your unsatisfactory situation more and more, and take better care of it as it is. Then you may see the door open to the next world. ”

Hogen-San, The Other Shore

Dancing dispute is strictly courtroom

By Ruth Gledhill
The Times

THE rivalries of Strictly Come Dancing look like a sedate waltz at a pensioners’ tea dance when set alongside a battle that is being played out around the ballrooms of Hong Kong.

There, a British champion and her partner are being sued for millions of pounds after he called one of their pupils a “lazy cow”.

The pupil is Mimi Monica Wong, a high-flying banker for HSBC Holdings Plc and a widow who looks a decade or more younger than her 61 years. The teachers are Gaynor Fairweather and her husband, Mirko Saccani, from Italy.

The saga in the Hong Kong High Court has lifted the lid on what goes on behind the glitter and glamour of one of the territory’s most popular pastimes. Continue reading Dancing dispute is strictly courtroom

SCMP: Thousands stranded by typhoon

‘Worst ever chaos’ at airport as 559 flights scrapped, delayed or diverted amid winds reaching 200km/h

More than 3,000 passengers were stranded by Typhoon Prapiroon at Chek Lap Kok last night in what an airline executive said could be the worst disruption since the airport opened in 1998.

Even though only the No 3 signal was hoisted, raging southeasterly winds stirred up by the storm churning 280km to the southwest, created conditions too hazardous for takeoff or landing.

By 11.30pm, about 70 per cent of 826 flights scheduled had been affected, with 158 delayed, 303 cancelled and 98 diverted to nearby cities. There were still more than 2,500 passengers stranded at the airport at this time. Forty more flights were expected to be affected. On July 7, 2001, 97 per cent of 551 scheduled flights were affected by Typhoon Utor, when the No8 signal was hoisted.

Dragonair, China Airlines and Eva Airways cancelled all afternoon flights to and from Hong Kong yesterday, while Cathay Pacific cancelled all flights till 9am today.

Hong Kong residents were offered HK$500 and sent home but international travellers had to scramble for scarce hotel rooms or spend the night at the airport.

“The airlines are so irresponsible. We are stranded here the whole day and they said they could not arrange a hotel for us,” said a woman giving her name as Emily, a Cathay Pacific passenger who should have been in Denpasar on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali by noon. Tired passengers resting on the floor could be seen in almost every corner of the airport, she said. “We are only offered water, snacks and blankets.”

Cathay’s general manager (corporate communications) Alan Wong Ka-lun said the number stranded was huge as most airlines were affected. “I think it is the first time that such a situation has emerged at Chek Lap Kok since its opening,” he said.

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