Kirsty Hawkshaw – Sanctuary

Sanctuary by Kirsty Hawkshaw.


If you need a little sanctuary
Unbroken, undistracted by the day
Baby I could hold you
Oh we are always in danger
Make you feel safe
So you can breathe like a baby

Sorrow rise behind these walls
Too make you see
Truth beyond the crowds of thieves
What I don’t know is
Is that you’ve seen every part of me
That I have no regrets
Is walking, talking, have no secret

Sometimes my mind
Is like a bad neighbour
That I don’t want to go
Into alone

And it’s so wrong, and sorry oneness
Cause the further you go, the more hate begins to swell
It is another
Can’t give us what we crave

But you don’t always have to be brave
And I can only
Give you
A little time to be
Where only broken windows remain
Baby I can treat you
When the heat is too much to bear
From the sar born with every man

Parlux Hair Dryers

I’ve been looking for a hairdryer. Not the usual run of the mill ones which I’ve been using all my life, but one that can do a good job. One that is top of its class.

So one day I went to IL COLPO in Hong Kong and their hair dryers were very good. The stream of air was confidently strong but narrow, yet not uncomfortably hot. Better than the Braun or Philips that I used at home. I visited department stores to see whether they carried something like this. I tried and tested Vidal Sassoon (China), Philips (China), Babyliss (France) and Valera (Switzerland) but they couldn’t compare with the one at IL COLPO. So what on earth were they (and Toni & Guy) using?

Finally, I had my opportunity. When the IL COLPO hairstylist went off to tend to another client, I grabbed his hair dryer to check what brand it was. It had neither a label, model name nor number. Only engraved on the back of the handle on its shiny jet black plastic body were the words:

“Parlux – Made in Italy”

I went home and did a search on the internet – and because of the shape and size, I identified it as the Parlux 2000 Superturbo.

I wanted to get it, but since then there has been an improved model – the Parlux 3200 Ionic which is 20% more expensive but adds ionic ions to the hot air – making your hair smoother and more shiny. Parlux is the best selling professional hair dryer in the UK.

But of course Parlux has competition. Namely, the T3 Tourmaline and the CHI Nano. But these competitors are not used by professional hair salons. not that I know of. There must be a reason. I read on a forum that the internal mechanism of CHI damages easily if you drop it. Parlux is designed for more heavy duty, daily use by professionals. Hence, if you use it only at home, it will last you for years.

Salon International, London 18-20th October 2008

Parlux 3200 User Reviews


Here’s the deal:

I bought the Parlux 3200 Ionic model for HK$590. And it is selling for 70 pounds in the UK (HK$900) and US$165 in the US (HK$1,287).

This product will save your time and energy on a daily basis and make your hair look better. If you would like to know where to buy it in HK, please contact me.

Just letting you know about this because I wish found out earlier. And if you don’t believe its performance, just drop by your nearest professional hair salon and see for yourself!

via Goldoni, 12
20090 Trezzano S/N
Milano – Italy