LHZB Interview with Chen Show Mao

The following is a translation of the report on Lianhe Zaobao on 3 April 2011. The first part is a translation from Lianhe Zaobao reporter, Yew Lun Tian’s Facebook page. The report is an exclusive interview the Chinese paper had with Workers’ Party potential candidate, Mr Chen Show Mao.

In the middle of last month, when news first broke in the media about corporate lawyer Chen Show Mao’s emergence as a possible Workers’ Party candidate in the coming elections, he swiftly became the focus of intense local media attention and was widely spoken about as Workers’ Party’s “trump card”.

In an exclusive interview with Lianhe Zaobao two days ago, he shed his secretive low-profile and broke his silence for the first time. Unused to media scrutiny, he displayed a certain degree of nervousness, but given his highly effective bi-lingual skills, he was able to articulate fluently and clearly his ideas in Chinese throughout the two hour interview. Breaking his silence for the first time, he spoke about his decision to come home, the reasons for joining opposition politics and also his decision to join the Workers’ Party.
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Singaporeans anxious over high home prices

Some city state residents blame influx of foreigners
Reuters Mar 30, 2011

Wendy Cheng has been trying to buy a home for over two years but without success.

Cheng and her American teacher husband cannot afford property on the open market where a government-built apartment can fetch as much as S$700,000 (HK$4.3 million), and they have been unsuccessful in balloting for flats available from the state at a lower price.
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