Work and Saving

Went to my favourite place yesterday. I chatted to a 30 plus indian cleaner while walking along a quiet corridor. And these were what I learnt from her. She is from our neighbouring country, earning only about $800 / mth. She got to work from 7am to 7pm, a solid 12-hr shift. Just when you think it is hard work. Listen to this, she got to wake up around 3.45am everyday and prepare meals, including her own packed food which she brings daily. She has to reach the checkpoint by 6am so that she can be ferried to her workplace by the company bus. By the time, she ends her day and get back home, it is always close to 9pm. The whole cycle repeats itself in 7 hr time. Sound tiring right? Imagine all that for a meagre $800. I wonder how many of our local are willinging to do it. Of course, converting the salary to her local currency will yield about $2000. The work attitude and the reason to work is a stark contrast to our workers who whine and complain everyday. But compare this to the indian lady, is your life worse off?

Nowadays, anything that can be done manually, so called the blue-collared workers, are cheap labour. You need to have the brains to earn more. Look at the senior citizens who still need to work for a living. They are mostly uneducated. This leads me to another point. Money and savings.

Sometimes, I shudder when I see how our younger generation spend money. Some simply have no sense of the value of what money is. They splurge on food, cosmetics, gadgets, fashion wears and accessories. They own the latest got-to-have. Some young working adults (some not even working yet or working part time) spend on clubbing, ‘pubbing’, drinks, entertainment, car and plus those so called ‘must-haves’ in life. Among them, some are spending on future credits.

Whether you are an average worker or high-income professional, to save for rainy days is important because you don’t know when life is going to hit you hard. Having some savings and money in hand is always good. I always believe that if you work so that you can spend every cents you earn is simply idiotic. Following that argument and logic would mean you have to work till you DIE. Is that what most people want? Being short-sighted in the outlook of life is a killer, inability to prepare for the future is a diasaster. A little preparation for our future is better than no preparation at all. By the way, when old age comes, would you still be in the pink of health to work? Anyone guesses…

Finally, life might not be easy, but it is the lifestyle that you choose to have that make life REALLY hard. We can actually survive on little. Look around you, near and far, and you will see how resilient we can be and how fortunate we actually are.

While walking alone the quiet corridor, and usually those are the moments, when thoughts and ideas flow and reflections take place. Wanted very much to pen them down but the inspirations and motivations are not strong enough whenever I get back home. Motivation….. it is the key.