Singaporeans want to marry but don’t look actively for mate: Study

ST, 17 August 2011
By Theresa Tan

MOST Singaporean singles here long to be married, but are just leaving it to fate. Few actively hunt for a spouse, and believe that Mr or Miss Right will appear magically when Cupid strikes.

That’s one of the main findings from new research on Singaporean Chinese singles by Professor Gavin Jones, a demographer with 45 years’ experience who has been based at the Asia Research Institute here since 2003.

He also found out that most singles here will not lower their expectations of a life partner just for the sake of marrying. Many are just too busy with work to hunt for a mate, while some avoid the dating market for practical reasons.

For example, less educated men who feel they don’t have enough money to start a family or find it hard to get a girlfriend, he noted.

When it comes to finding a husband, his findings showed that Singaporean women place great emphasis on a man’s ‘economic success’. They want a man who has greater – or at least equal – earning power.

One study respondent, a security guard in his 30s who earns about $1,500 a month, said that his girlfriend broke up with him because his pay was too low.

Prof Jones noted this materialistic streak is ‘very widespread’ and ‘more marked’ among East Asian women.
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