Higher starting pay for fresh graduates

By S Ramesh | Posted: 30 July 2012 1419 hrs

SINGAPORE: Global management consulting firm Hay Group believes that despite sentiments of a slowdown emerging in the global economy, fresh graduates will fare better this year, with employers in Singapore offering a higher base salary compared to their 2011 cohorts.

According to the Hay Group’s Fresh Graduate Pay Survey 2012 conducted in June, the average starting monthly pay for degree holders without honours is S$2,678; S$2,766 for those with Honours (Second Lower and below); and S$2,882 for those with Honours (Second Upper and higher).

79 companies across general industries in Singapore took part in the survey.

The results showed that jobs in engineering ranked at the top, commanding the highest average starting salary of S$2,777 per month for degree holders (without honours). This was followed by jobs in research and development (S$2,764 per month) and merchandise operations (S$2,742 per month).

For diploma holders, jobs in merchandise operations commanded the highest average starting salary of S$1,934 per month, with design/creative jobs coming in second (S$1,915 per month) and jobs in research and development following suit (S$1,903 per month).

The average starting pay for diploma holders is S$1,866 per month.


The Spinal Column

The Vertebral Column (Spinal Column) supports the head and encloses the spinal cord.

The spinal column is comprised of 26 individual bones, these bones are referred to as vertebrae. The spinal column is divided into 5 different areas containing groups of vertebrae and are grouped as follows:

7 cervical vertebrae in the neck.

12 thoracic vertebrae in the upper back corresponding to each pair of ribs.

5 lumbar vertebrae in the lower back.

5 sacral vertebrae which are fused together to form 1 bone called the sacrum.

4 coccygeal vertebrae that are fused together to form the coccyx or tailbone.

The vertebrae are referred to by their name and number, counting down from the top of the spinal column as follows:

The cervical vertebrae are C1 – C7

The thoracic vertebrae are T1 –T12

The lumbar vertebrae are L1 – L5

The sacrum and coccyx do not have numbers and each is thought of as one bone. Spinal nerves exit the sacrum and coccyx at levels (Foramen) within the main structure of each vertebra.