Cedele by Bakery Depot

Interview with Ms. Yeap Cheng Guat, Founder of Cedele By Bakery Depot
by Teo Sok Huang on 28-May-2009

Founded in July 1997 and with the establishment of the brand name Cedele in 1999, this home-grown chain has expanded to 17 stores comprising of bakery cafes, bakeries and all-day dining restaurants. Bakery Depot has been advocating positive eating, attitude and healthy food, made responsibly and with great passion by artisan bakers. With its philosophy of “Eat Well, Be Well”, Bakery Depot has been creating nutritious and wholesome food, handmade from scratch with fresh and natural quality ingredients, without any unhealthy preservatives, trans fat or additives. The company has garnered numerous positive reviews from the media and public.
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Quote of the Week

“At present we have this rare and good human life of freedom and fortune, but it won’t last forever. We are certain to die and don’t know when. At death nothing at all but our spiritual practice will be of any use to us. That is the only thing worth doing—everything else is a futile waste of energy. We tire ourselves for the sake of reward and reputation and in our search for the kind of companions we prefer, but we can take none of these with us when we die. They must be left behind and only the imprints of negative actions we have performed in the process of trying to acquire them accompany us to our next rebirth. This is not hard to understand, but we must remember it and think about it till it affects the way we think and feel.”

~ Atisha’s Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment, by Geshe Sonam Rinchen, edited and translated by Ruth Sonam, page 31.

Call it any name other than Pilates

Pilates these days has been modified to such an extent that it is no longer what the founder has intended it to be, says the last of the instructors taught by Joseph Pilates.
By Cheah Ui-Hoon

SOME forms of Pilates being taught around the world today – Singapore included – would have met with the approval of the late Joseph Pilates, who devised the exercise method, but some would not.

‘He’d be absolutely livid with some of them, and then others he’d be happy with,’ says Jay Grimes, in his 70s and the last of the first-generation Pilates teachers who had learnt the exercise directly from Joseph and Clara Pilates.
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