Cher Lloyd – Sirens

I carry the weight of you in my heavy heart
And the wind is so icy, I am numb
I carry the weight of you heading back to start
With the thousand eyes on me, I stumble on

I am tired, I’m growing older
I’m getting weaker everyday, yeah
I carry the weight of you
I carry the weight of you

Lay down here
Beside me in the shallow water
Beside me where the sun is shining on us still
Lay down here
Beside me in the hallowed water
Beside me where the silver lining stays until
The sirens’ calling

We follow the sun down low till we hit the night
And you hold me so tightly
It’s hard to breathe

“Sirens” is a song by British singer-songwriter Cher Lloyd. It premiered on 14 March 2014. “Sirens” was lauded by music critics, with many praising the song’s mature sound, Lloyd’s vocals, and also noting the change in direction from Lloyd’s previous work.

The music video for “Sirens” premiered on Lloyd’s Vevo account on 29th April 2014. In the video, Lloyd plays a woman whose husband has become involved in drugs, showing the effect that drug use can have on a family. While Lloyd’s character is seen caring for the couple’s young daughter, Police raid the house, arresting her partner. Lloyd then carries the evidence through the house and burns it in a barrel in the garden, soon returning to the house where she is greeted by her young daughter as they sit together on the floor. In the “Behind the Scenes” footage, Lloyd reveals that the story of the video is inspired by a similar event from her childhood, and that the young daughter in the video represents Lloyd herself at a younger age. In an interview after the premiere, Lloyd revealed that the story behind the video retells an event from her childhood in which her father was arrested when she was five years old.