Chris Lake feat Emma Hewitt – Carry Me Away

Down, the water holds me down, it’s like I have no weight
And now, I’m floating with the tide, the sun is on my face
And I hear you talking. I hear you speak, someone’s talking, saying something
But I’m on my own, there’s nothing left to say, it carries me away

And you call out, I can’t hear you, I can’t feel you, no I can’t feel nothing
And you call out, I can’t hear you, no I can’t hear nothing
And you all look the same now
You all look the same now

Now, there’s nothing that I want, to take me from this place
I’m drifting further with the tide that carries me away
And you call out, I can’t hear you, I can’t feel you, no I can’t feel nothing
And you all look the same now
You all look the same now

I know you’re trying hard to reach me
You’ll always feel the cold without me
I know you’re trying hard to reach me
You’ll always feel the cold without me
I know you’re trying hard

Roksan Kandy L1 MkIII

I bought this 120W British made integrated amplifier yesterday and traded in my Martin M-800 (which was far too powerful for home use and not refined enough for female vocals / jazz).

You really should get your hi-fi in Hong Kong. No 7% GST or 17.5% VAT.

The best just got better.

Top 50 Superclubs

List of Top 50 superclubs as voted by international DJs:

1 Space (Ibiza)
2 Fabric (London)
3 Pacha (Ibiza)
4 The End (London)
5 Warung (Itajai)
6 Panorama Bar (Berlin)
7 DC10 (Ibiza)
8 Amnesia (Ibiza)
9 Pawn Shop Lounge (Miami)
10 Zouk (Singapore)
11 Stereo (Montreal)
12 The Arches (Glasgow)
13 Turnmills (London)
14 Space (Miami)
15 Digital (Newcastle)
16 Ministry Of Sound (London)
17 Womb (Tokyo)
18 Guvernment (Toronto)
19 Cocoon (Frankfurt)
20 Pacha (New York)
21 D-Edge (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
22 Cavo Paradisco (Mykonos, Greece)
23 Sirena (Maresias, Brazil)
24 Crobar (Chicago)
25 Fuse (Brussels, Belgium)
26 Pacha (Buenos Aires)
27 Basics (Leeds)
28 Club Kristal (Bucharest)
29 Coco Rico (Riccione, Italy)
30 Cielo (New York)
31 Rex Club (Paris)
32 Robert Johnson (Frankfurt)
33 Yellow (Tokyo)
34 Tenax (Florence, Italy)
35 Weekend (Berlin)
36 Privilege (Ibiza)
37 The Cross (London)
38 Sankeys (Manchester)
39 Home (Sydney, Australia)
40 Pacha (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
41 The Key (London)
42 Babyface (Shanghai, China)
43 Honey Club (Brighton)
44 Se One (London)
45 Alter Ego (Verona, Italy)
46 Spundaue (Los Angeles)
47 Trilogy (Dubai)
48 Venue (Athens, Greece)
49 T Bar (London)
50 Ageha (Tokyo)

Battle of Clubs

ST March 11, 2007
Battle of clubs
Party Central is now firmly focused on the trinity of Zouk, Ministry of Sound and St James Power Station, each with its rabid fans

By Sandra Leong

IF YOU haven’t been out on the town for a couple of months, prepare yourself for a shock as you get set to spin around that disco ball.

In that short space of time, Singapore’s nightclub scene has exploded to centralise around three monster clubs, with news emerging yesterday that the dancefloor shake-up has claimed its first victim.

Smaller clubs are taking a thumping – literally. Thumper at Goodwood Park Hotel revealed that it has had to shut down.

The mid-sized nightclub was hit by falling takings as clubbers streamed to what has quickly become Party Central’s unholy trinity: iconic Zouk, massive Ministry of Sound (MoS) and the newcomer that drove the nail into Thumper’s coffin, St James Power Station.

One of Thumper’s owners, Mr David Chin, says the club’s downward spiral started last November when ‘all the big places started opening’, adding: ‘St James and all that… it took a big chunk out of us’.

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Dance Anthem

A dance anthem, floor filler or club anthem is a dance (or disco) track which receives almost timeless status, being played commonly many years after its release. Many older (pre-1990) tracks which are referred to as dance anthems are often only played at retro nights in clubs, or at themed parties. A common sub-category of dance anthems have sometimes been referred to as “tunes”, examples of such tracks include “For An Angel” by Paul van Dyk, “Energy 52” by Cafe Del Mar, “Carte Blanche” by Veracocha and “Born Slippy” by Underworld.

However, most commonly a dance anthem is a track which DJ’s still play in normal sets alongside the usual tracks. Some are played only towards the end of a set, almost as if a mini retro set was being played, but some are still used as if they were recently released dance music.

The term floor filler was coined to describe extraordinarily popular songs, due to the ability of certain tracks to bring people from the bar areas of nightclubs onto the dance floor. This is often due to the highly distinctive intros that some songs have but can also be due to the simple popularity and recognition of a song. DJs frequently reserve these tracks for critical times during their performances, to bring people to or keep people on the dance floor, thus ensuring a lively atmosphere.

Songs of the 80s

Each song reminds me of something.

ABBA – Super Trouper

A-Ha – Take On Me

Bangles – Eternal Flame

Berlin – Take My Breath Away

Breathe – Hands to Heaven

Chris Isaak – Wicked Games

Concrete Blonde – Joey

Crowded House – Weather With You

Duran Duran – Ordinary World

Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy

Freddie Aguilar – Anak

Johnny Hates Jazz – Shattered Dreams

Johnny Hates Jazz – Turn Back The Clock

Laura Branigan – Self Control

London Beat – I’ve Been Thinking About You

Martika – Love Thy Will Be Done

Queen – I Want To Break Free

Rita Coolidge – All Time High (from Octopussy)

Roxette – It Must Have Been Love

Sabrina – Boys

Sade – Smooth Operator

Suzanne Vega – Luka

Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner

Tears for Fears – Shout

Tears for Fears – Woman in Chains

The Cars – Drive

The Escape Club – I’ll Be There

The Police – Every Breath You Take

Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero

Toto – Africa

UB40 – Red Red Wine

U2 – Mysterious Ways

U2 – One

U2 – Pride (In the Name of Love)

Village People – YMCA

Wham – Careless Whisper

Yanni – Aria (From the British Airways Ad)

Tracklisting – Namaste with Nicolas Tang

Namaste with Nicolas Tang @ Bliss, Sat 2 Sep 2006
0000-0200 hrs

1. Tillman Uhrmacher – Om Nama Shiva (Tillmans Midnight Extended Club Mix)
2. Lost Witness feat. Tiff Lacey – Home (Mike Shiver Catching Sun Remix)
3. Underwater – Waterplanet (Dreas Remix)
4. Alex Morph presents Everest feat Tashita – Oree (Instrumental Remix)
5. Andain – Beautiful Things (Photon Project Mix)
6. Armin van Buuren – Burned with Desire (Rising Star Remix)
7. Aalto – Taurine (Super 8 Remix)
8. Aalto – Rush (Super 8 vs Orkidea Remix)
9. Oceanlab – Beautiful Together (Signum Remix)
10. Rusch & Murray – Epic (Above & Beyond)
11. Polner & Sender – Energy Sublimation
12. White Room – White Room
13. Pulser – Point of Impact (Mike Koglin Remix)
14. Darren Tate & Jono Grant – Sequential
15. Kamil Polner – Ocean Waterfall
16. Agnelli & Nelson – Holding on to Nothing (Paul van Dyk Edit)
17. Armin van Buuren pres Alibi – Eternity (Original IC Mix)
18. Simon Patterson – F-16
19. Matt Hardwick vs Smith & Pledger – Connected
20. Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (Armin van Buuren’s Universal Religion Mix)

Many thanks to Garry and Fernando at Bliss and all who turned up!